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Research Articles
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Review Articles
  • Gonela, U. M., & Yadav, J. S. (2020). Synthesis of chiral propargyl alcohols following the base-induced elimination protocol: application in the total synthesis of natural products. New Journal of Chemistry, 44(13), 4972-4986.
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Book Chapter
  • Singh, V. (2020). Recent Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Synthetic Genomes. Advances in Synthetic Biology, 221-235.
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Conference Paper
  • Pillai, S. B., Soni, H. R., & Jha, P. K. (2020, November). Lattice thermal conductivity of SiN2, GeN2 and SnN2. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2265, No. 1, p. 030448). AIP Publishing LLC.
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