Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)


Indrashil University strongly stands against sexual harassment in the workplace. Raise your voice for prevention, prohibition, and redressal.

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is dedicated to the prevention, prohibition, and redressal of sexual harassment of women in the workplace. The committee consists of regular senior faculty members committed to the cause of women and they have sound legal knowledge. If necessary, the committee is flexible to consult with NGOs and lawyers familiar with women-welfare. Absolute privacy is maintained regarding the complaints.

For any query or complaint, please email, email any of the core committee members, or meet any of the core committee members.

  • Core committee members:
  1. Dr. Poulomi Sengupta, Committee Chair
  2. Dr. Vijai Singh, Convener
  3. Dr. Ritu Patel, member
  4. Ms. Shweta Mevada, Member
  • Links:
  1. Sexual Harassment Act (Government of India)
  2. A Handbook on Sexual Harassment
  • Recent activities:

Breast cancer awareness camp

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