placements and internship

Industry Interface and Placements

Indrashil University aims at providing 100% placement assistance to all its eligible students. Indrashil University has a strong industry-interface which provides students to showcase their skills and knowledge. Students are also provided with the pre-placement training consisting of soft skills, technical skills and computer proficiency.

Industry and Research Internship

Realizing the lacunas in the present education system and need of the hour, Indrashil University has introduced the concept of internship for all programmes. Unlike other universities, Indrashil University’s internship program is accredited course and institutionalized program.

The Industrial Practice (IP) program is an attempt to bridge the gap between industry and academia. In the Industrial Practice program, the student like a medical intern actively participates in the on-going professional activities of an organization with a chance of PPO (Pre-Placement Offer).

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