Research Focus

The university has the following centers for research:

Center for Advanced Communication & Computing

University will establish with a need to focus on computational sciences and its allied applications, this dedicated center will encompass the creation and analysis of sophisticated encryption methods, high speed computing technologies, development of advanced algorithms and analytical applications for large data sets.

Center of Excellence in Synthetic Biology

University has establishedCenter of Excellence in Synthetic Biology with the intent to drive a whole new industrial revolution in biotechnology, with applications in sectors that include healthcare, sustainable energy, green chemistry, pharmaceuticals, novel materials and bioremediation among many others.

Center of Excellence in Materials Design

University will establish with the objective of conducting research and development activities broadly in the areas of material synthesis, material characterization, material modification and other innovative methodologies of application.

Center for Molecular Biology

University will establish with an objective to provide students and professionals not just with practical and theoretical knowledge but also basic research and training in the frontier areas of modern biology.

Naturopathy & Yoga Research Center

University will establish in order to update the knowledge of yoga and naturopathy among practitioners by conducting re-orientation programs and motivating them to attend research and training workshops at regular intervals.

Center for Bioinformatics

University will establish with the sole purpose of promoting education in the auxiliary fields of sciences like – biology, medicine, para medicine and technology.

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