Prof. (Dr.) D. J. Shah

Prof. (Dr.) D. J. Shah
Provost, Indrashil University

We, at Indrashil University, have quickly adapted to the emerging pedagogy and have continued our attempts to promote education in the life sciences and allied areas with focus on profound research. Further, to achieve our aim, we have strived to establish a regional model of higher education laced with an international competitive ecosystem. We have the requisite intellectual and physical infrastructure that supports the university to emerge as a leading citadel in the arena of higher education. The university has inviting ambience for academically committed and passionately creative people. Here, the faculty is highly qualified and equally passionate to nurture the creativity and innovation of young minds. All our faculty members are Ph.D. (100%) & most of them possess postdoctoral fellowships from premier institutions across the globe. At the same time, there is an urge at the student's end to match their steps with the rigors taken by the university for the healthy and overall development of self and humanity at large

We take pride in our innovative teaching- learning practices, flexible academic structure customizable as per the need of our students amalgamating internship program, thesis/dissertation, entrepreneurial projects and social outreach programmes. This enables us to produce graduates who are industry & research ready with humanity serving skills & zeal.

Additionally, a healthy mix of co-curricular & extra-curricular activities like club activities, general knowledge, speed typing, writing competency, interview training, standard practice instructions for students and faculties, sports competition, social initiative programs & the likes are observed on campus for the holistic development of students.

Dr. D. J. Shah
Provost, IU

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