hostel and dining

The girls hostel is located within the university premises. The university accommodates 200 students at present which is likely to increase in near future with multi-fold capacity. It has facilities such as a common room, sports facilities, canteen, dining hall, pantry, sick room etc. In addition to this the university also provides accommodation facilities for boys in the nearby vicinity upon request. In near future, a dedicated hostel for students with over 1000 capacity is up-coming near the campus.

Students and staff at IU enjoy hygienic and delicious food at Mess (dining hall) and refreshment at canteen. All kinds of vegetarian variety meal are served in the dining hall. Student body is active in deciding the menu along with canteen staff. Cleanliness and healthy food is given top priority in the canteen. Students enjoy freshly prepared snacks at canteen off the meal time. Tea, coffee and beverages are available at snacks corner during college hours which is relished by students and staff.

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