"True celebration of research lies as much in inventions as in making the medicine affordable to the last man in the society."
Shri. Indravadan A. Modi Shri. Indravadan A. Modi
 Founder Chairman, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (1926 - 2012)

IU was established as a philanthropic initiative of its Founding Chancellor, Dr. Rajiv I Modi in the loving memory of his parents, Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi and Smt Shilaben Modi who laid the foundation stone of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.(CPL) in 1951. To honour their legacy of care and compassion, the university’s governing body and Dr. Rajiv Modi are determined to holistically transform and develop the University into a hallmark of global academic excellence.

The Founder Chairman of CPL, Shri Indravadan A. Modi was a great visionary, yet an extremely humble and generous person. Also known as the Medicine Man of India, Shri Modi was a true nationalist and pioneered the production of medicines in India. As the first employee of Cadila, Smt. Shilaben Modi offered unwavering support to him; she was the strength behind Shri I.A. Modi’s resolve to make medicines affordable to the most vulnerable section in our society.

The entire IU Parivar is deeply inspired by their principles and pledge to accomplish its goal keeping in mind the rich culture, values and morals founded in the ethos of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

IU is a first of its kind university in the state of Gujarat offering courses in Life Sciences with focus on academic, research and professional development. It is being developed with a clear vision to provide the best quality of education in the field of Life Sciences and its allied sectors and to be a World Class Research University. The University caters to a wide variety of prospective students through full time degree courses as well as various short term programmes.

The University shall not be limited to only life sciences programmes but would follow a multidisciplinary approach and offer a wide array of programmes such as Management, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences. It is committed to strive and achieve best quality of education with all-round development of its students.
Indrashil University (IU) has come into existence by an Act (No.10 of 2017) of State Legislature of Gujarat as a State Private University under the Gujarat Universities Act, 2009.

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