Vision, Mission and Core Values


Indrashil University strives to be an epitome of excellence in higher education by imparting knowledge, focused education and experiences to students in the field of Life Sciences and the research aspects related to it. This will empower them to go back to the world as experts in their fields, serving humanity and giving back to the world, which is sciences at its best.


Indrashil University seeks to realize their mission by providing their students with high quality education and training that is unmatched. Combining rigorous academic study along with the support of industry experts, students get prepared as sector specialists with a global footing.

Core Values
  • Indrashil University believes in creating an ecosystem by developing affordable innovation with a strong focus on Life Sciences.

  • Indrashil University will be the first choice for anyone wanting to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of Life Sciences.

  • Indrashil University will be known as the Indian Newcastle of Life Sciences.

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