Student Clubs

Indrashil University strongly believes that every student has a hidden talent that gets nourishment under favourable condition. So various clubs are existent at IU under the faculty guidance and independently operated by student body to water their interests. The students wait earnestly to participate in these club activities that are conducted round the year.

Culinary Club

Students participating in non-fire food items competition

Eco Club

Students learning basic knowledge of functioning and importance of forest and biodiversity through a study tour to Serenity Library and Garden to emphasize experiential learning i.e. Flora and Fauna.

World Environment Day-June 5

Plants support life on Earth and has significant role in the development of human. IU is aware towards the importance of this matter and observes World Environment Day on June 5 every year by planting trees.

IU celebrating tree plantation

Arts Club

Students exhibiting their passion for learning Jewelry making and art of Mehendi

Tech club

This club sets platform for engineering students to perform various experiments and showcase their technical bent of mind.

Science Club

Students carry out various activities under this club exhibiting their scientific temperament and practical implication of theoretical concepts.

Yoga & Meditation Club

India is globally acclaimed for the gift of ‘Yoga’ given to the world for mental peace and physical fitness. IU observes International Yoga Day on 21st June every year and conducts Yoga and Meditation sessions for students intermittently.

Cultural Club

Students conduct ‘Days Celebration’ and various competitions in singing, dance, mime, stand-up comedy, instrument playing under this club round the year and enjoy to the fullest participating in it.

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