Student Startup and Innovation Program

Student Start Up and Innovation Programme is abbreviated as SSIP. Indrashil University has rolled out this SSIP programme under the banner of Indrashil Innovative Foundation. It is partly funded by Govt. of Gujarat. The objective of this program is -to motivate innovation among students and provide them with more skills rather than passing out with just a degree in hand by creating an ecosystem at place to nurture the idea of young minds. A study on Graduates states that around 85% of them prefer jobs over entrepreneurship. Given this meager 2-15 % of entrepreneurship mindset, Govt. of India has commenced many schemes and support systems to promote startups in partnership with institutes of higher education and make India a largest exporter than importer. IU is proud to be in the frontline in Gujarat and has floated various seminars, workshop, webinars, training to support budding entrepreneurs right from ideation to mentoring to implementation and supervising. Besides these, IU has dedicated space and infrastructure to nurture the innovation with its strong linkages from Industry and experts from the allied arena.


Dr. Amish Vyas

Dr. Amish Vyas

Director, Indrashil Innovation Foundation

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