What is SSIP?

The idea was to motivate innovation among students and provide them with more skills rather than passing out with just a degree in hand by creating an ecosystem at place to nurture the idea of young minds.


Early stage support systems for the innovation & startup value chain that comprises an enabling environment to trigger creative ideas, handholding ideas at conceptualization stage, extending basic facility to test the ideas and validate its early users, basic common working infrastructures, and access to existing resources before the innovation reaches an enterprise stage.


Conceptually, any innovation implies substantial improvement in the ways of doing things, producing goods or providing services.

It may involve a new use of an existing resource or producing or delivering existing goods or services through new methods or new instruments/materials.


Startup is an entity that develops a business model based on either product innovation or service innovation and makes it scalable and replicable so as to be self-reliant.

  • Ola Cabs - They are currently competing with Uber
  • Zomato - one of the most successful food tech startups around.
  • Bolt- Bolt Red Streak is the world's first 'smart' mobile-phone charger for motorbikes. It has a unique detachable design to prevent theft and misuse of the device. It is a 2 A charger, which not only charges your mobile-phone fast, but also automatically tracks your entire ride on a route map, total distance, average speed, etc. using the Bolt Riders App.

Proof-of-concept (POC)

Proof of concept is the stage where the innovator / startup demonstrates a fundamental functioning demonstration of the idea / hypothesis / innovation.

  • For example, a working concept of an electrical device may be constructed using a breadboard.


A prototype-stage is a preproduction / pre-launch stage where the innovator / startup team has developed a basic minimum viable product (MVP) with most key features desired in the final product

Minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product (Ready for market) and its continued development.

How the University supports…

The university may support for…
  • pre-incubation
  • prototyping development
  • patent filing
  • mentoring
  • events
  • activities
  • conferences, and
  • exposure
1. Sensitization
  • To change mindset
  • By success stories
  • By Idea creation exercise
  • Make and earn in campus
  • Invite innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Continuous interaction between students/aspiring entrepreneurs/young innovators and successful startup holders and innovators.
2. Idea
  • Nurturing the best idea/concept
  • Idea/concept screening, etc.
3. Mentoring
  • By pool of successful entrepreneurs
  • By nearby industry personnel
  • By faculty members
  • For design, marketing, technical queries, IPR issues, etc.
4. Facilities
  • Necessary infrastructure
  • Space for experimentation and trials
  • Necessary utilities
  • Maintenance and repair support etc.

Prototype making support

Patent filing support

Startup support

Scale-up support

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