A student (newly admitted or on rolls) has to register for the course on the day of registration for each semester. Students failing to register for the course will not be permitted to attend classes.

The University has the right to refuse registration process if a student does not turn up on the day of registration.

Students will be permitted to register only if they have:

  • Cleared all the fees, outstanding dues of, University and / or Hostel of previous semesters,
  • Paid all prescribed fees for the current semester, and
  • Not been debarred from registering for a specified period on disciplinary or any other ground.

It is the responsibility of the individual student to register for the semester.

Normally, no late registration shall be permitted. However, considering any compelling reason, a student may be permitted for late registration (within one week of commencement of semester) with prior approval from the Dean of the School concerned. Late registration may be done with payment of requisite fine.

The maximum period permissible for late registration shall not be more than TWENTY-TWO (22) University working days counted from the specified date of Registration announced by the University. Under no circumstances shall such a student be permitted to register for the concerned Semester after the permissible period for late registration of TWENTY-TWO (22)

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