POST GRADUATION - M. Sc. Mathematics

MSc Mathematics and Computing is a Post Graduate Program that integrates certain sections of mathematics with that of computer sciences. The program covers the practical aspects of mathematics in computing and exposes you to both mathematics as well as computer science. The program is somewhat different from a core program in mathematics as it focuses more on the Practical Aspects and the Applications that the field of Mathematics has on computing. Through this program one can derive the benefits of both the fields. On one side you can build your coding skills and on the other hand you can utilize your knowledge about the field of statistics in finding computing solutions.

Why this Program?

This program combines relevant mathematics and computer science courses covering theoretical, computational, and practical aspects. While core math courses aim to build a strong foundation in the subject, laboratory-based courses offer exposure and training in application-oriented practical subjects. Students are exposed to advanced research topics through optional one-semester project work.

At the end of the program, students acquire the appropriate analytical and practical knowledge to formulate and solve challenging problems and prepare well to take up jobs in the Software Industry, Research and Development Institutes, or to pursue Higher Studies in Mathematical and Computing Sciences.


Elective Courses:

  • Introductory Theory Of Computer Science
  • Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Theory Of Computations
  • Soft Computing Techniques
  • Computer Architecture And Operating System
  • DBMS & Application Programming In C# Or Java
  • Software Engineering


Mathematics & Computing Graduates are well-equipped to foray into various opportunities such as

  • Investment Banker
  • Data Analyst
  • Information Technology
  • Market Research
  • Financial and Business Analyst
  • Research and Development
  • Quantitative and Financial Analysis
  • Teaching


M. Sc. Mathematics : 30 seats


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We have highly qualified PhD faculties from premier Institutes.

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