It is mandatory for, a student to attend all the classes, tutorials, laboratories and other evaluation components conducted by the University. A student may be detained from appearing for an examination on grounds of shortage of attendance.

In each course attendance will be treated as evaluation component and marks are awarded as shown below:

% of Attendance in Theory & Practical classes % of Attendance in Theory & Practical classes
≥90 5
≥ 90 and < 95 4
≥ 85 and < 90 3
≥ 80 and < 85 2
≥ 75 and < 80 1

Student has to obtain an average of 75% attendance of all courses to become eligible for comprehensive examination.

From above it becomes obvious that student become eligible for writing comprehensive examination of all the courses in a semester only if he maintains average 75% attendance. The student will not be permitted to attend the comprehensive examination course wise even if he maintains more than 75% attendance in a particular course(s).

In special cases and for sufficient cause shown, the Provost on the recommendation of the Dean of the School concerned may condone the deficiency not exceeding 10% in attendance due to ill-health, when the application submitted at the time of the actual illness is supported by a certificate from an authorized medical officer.

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