Internship Program

Internship (Industrial Practice) at Indrashil University

Realizing these lacunas in the present education system and need of the hour, Indrashil University has introduced the concept of Internship Program called Industrial Practice for all the programs it offers. Unlike other universities at Indrashil University Internship program will be credited and institutionalized program. The students joining B.Tech program will experience 10 months of Internship progam and students joining B.Sc., (Hons) will attend 8 months internship program. In both programs (B.Tech and B.Sc.,) students will attend one full semester internship program in either of the semesters during final year.

Theme of Industrial Practice

The Industrial Practice (IP) programme is an attempt the bridge the gap between university and industry. In Industrial Practice program the student, like a medical intern; actively participate in the on-going professional activities of an organization. The student involves in ongoing project in the host organization under the direct supervision of university faculty and industry expert. Series of evaluation components like quiz, group discussion, seminar, viva etc. are conducted in the host organization involving industry experts. In essence, Industrial Practice is a program where classroom is shifted to industry.

Salient features of Industrial Practice programme at Indrashil University include:

  • Institutionalized process
  • Conducted in both the semesters of final year and hence continuous supply of students (man power) in both semesters to industry.
  • Industrial Practice is “credited”. That is, they form a part of the total academic credit towards their degree,
  • Faculty from the university at the monitors the programme
  • Students work under the direct supervision of faculty from Indrashil University and professional experts of the host organization,
  • Work or study carried out by the students have direct relevance to their discipline/area of interest,
  • Continuous evaluation components conducted in industry premises involving university faculty and industry experts.
  • Industry can identify prospective employees conducted at industry.

Benefits of Industrial Practice Program

Industrial Practice program offers benefits to all stakeholders viz. student, university, industry and faculty involved.

Summarized below are few advantages to the students experiencing Industrial Practice program:

  • Get valuable hands-on experience
  • Enables students to have smooth transition from academics to professional life,
  • Enhances interpersonal skills, leadership qualities etc.,
  • Provides an opportunity to apply some of the ideas/skill sets that students learnt during academic program,
  • Working with live projects gives hands-on experience which in turn Increases the confidence level of students,
  • Enables students to have awareness of personal strengths and limitations as a professional,
  • Increases marketability of students after graduation
  • Provides link with potential future employers,
  • Helps in building network