Anti-Ragging Committee

Indrashil University has zero-tolerance policy on ragging, and ragging is a punishable offence. The University has formed an anti-ragging committee comprising of Head of Academics, Teaching Faculty and Students. Besides, each student of the university and his/her parents and/or guardian are required to submit an undertaking against ragging at the time of registration, which is a mandatory process. All cases of ragging will be referred to this cell for prompt disciplinary action against the erring students.

Student Grievance Cell

The University has Grievance Redressal Cell; it is formed with an aim to resolve the grievances of students and staff of the University. The committee is constituted of the following members:

Sr.No Committee Members Designation Email Id Mobile No.
1 Dr. J . S. Yadav Provost & Director 7899802708
2 Mr. Bhavik Gajjar (Registrar) Nodal officer 9925119940
3 Prof.(Dr.) Bharti Dave Member
4 Prof.(Dr.) Amish Vyas Member
5 Col. V. k. Sharma Member
6 Dr. Namrata Bajaj Member
7 Dr. Kiran Patruni Member
8 Mr. Bhavik Patel Member

This committee helps students record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal grievances.

All the students and staff of the University may hence forth approach the Grievance Redressal Committee on the contact numbers provided above for any grievances.

Women's Development Cell

Indrashil University aims to create an environment that equally supports all students and staff of the University and provides equal opportunity to all. Women's Development cell will deal with the cases of sexual harassment. It also incorporates the Women's policy in general to promote the well being of the female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the University.

Internal Compliance Committee (ICC)

The objectives of the ICC to Prevent Sexual Harassment of girl students and women at university campus.

Discipline Committee

This committee will ensure discipline of students and is achieved through implementation of policy which sets a procedure which is rigorous, fair, transparent and consistent processes for investigating and considering reported incidents involving alleged misconduct and for imposing actions where appropriate.

Grievance Management Committee

This committee handles grievances of all students and employees in the university in the shortest possible time in a fair and transparent manner.

In addition to this University also have several other committees for its effective and smooth functioning.